About Us


Est. 1981

Genuine Photography was started by Donna Marie in 1981 through pursuit of a profession that she has great passion for. She captures moments in great detail and works with a team of professionals, such as drone operators and assistants, to deliver premier photographs and customer service to Tucson and the surrounding areas.

"After over 25 years in business, I have experience in everything from traditional portraits to contemporary photography. My personal commitment is attention to your individual needs which includes the highest quality and detail. Simply put, I love what I do!"    - Donna Marie


Our Experience is Your Advantage

Over the years, photography has become a way to not only capture a moment, but to convey your style and brand through imagery. From color palettes to lighting, we create the finest images possible to best represent what you are trying to achieve.

"My goal as a photographer is to help you present yourself, your products and/or services on a personal and professional level to attract your ideal audience."    -DM


Comfortable is Important

We always want you to feel comfortable and use the consultation session to break the ice. It is important to us that you feel comfortable so we can get the best look and background info to personalize the pictures to you and what they will be used for. 

"I will inspire you to capture your own confidence as an individual which will also reflect on your business. We are all beautiful - Let me show your awesomeness to the world!"     -DM